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We believe that everyone has a natural Genius. We'll help you identify it, unlock it, and maximize it.

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What our members are saying...

"Even though I already considered myself relatively self-aware, discovering my zone of genius brought a new level of self-awareness that felt deeper and more comprehensive than ever before. It gave me permission to own who I am, not fear my strengths, and make sense of my natural ways of being."

- Joseph Lam

"I feel more positive about myself. And also it was freeing. It makes it easier to figure out what I can throw in to the garbage."

"It’s a unique personality categorizer, a unique spin on identifying the way that you go about and responding to life."

- Rebecca C.

"It's incredibly clarifying, like taking muddy water and turning it into clear water, it made explicit some dichotomies that I now feel more comfortable accepting."

- Ryan D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start / sign up?

Choose an assessment above, which will take you to a 1-2-3 sequence of account creation, assessment and then results flow.

Is this free or paid?

The Genius Assessment is 100% free. It simply requires a free user account for privacy and security.

The Work Assessment includes a one-time $25 fee. This helps us run the platform and deeper assessment analysis.

What can I expect inside the community area?

The members area offers access to content in the form of articles, videos and various other learning resources. You also get member-only access to our event calendar, forums and other community tools.

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