What do you mean by, “Genius”?

The way we define “Genius” here is this:

What is energizing, easeful, and enjoyable to us?

The concept of “Zone of Genius” was coined and popularized by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap. The assessments built here are inspired by his work as well as 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership.

What’s the vision?

What if we could live in a world where work didn’t have to feel like work?

We want to build something that effectively and consistently helps people find their “Ikigai.”

Who built this?

Brandon is a 4x founder and has tenures in a wide range of worlds including real estate, nonprofit, education, and tech.

Inherently a data nerd, Brandon is constantly tinkering with side projects and building things to help people.

Some cool things about Brandon:

  • Did a TEDx talk in 2015 about reinvention
  • 16 million views on his content on YouTube and Quora
  • Has never drank a cup of coffee in his entire life
  • Flipped 20 houses in the SF Bay Area with no prior background
  • Has been featured in 8+ podcasts
  • Disappoints his mother because he does not have a ‘normal’ job

You can find Brandon’s social media and digital footprint here.

Brandon Lee - Genius of You Founder

Brandon Lee

Genius of You Founder

4x founder | learned optimist | giver | mentor | deconstructor | data junkie